The future of WWA part 2

The current plan is to close down WWA completely and transfer the remaining assets to Windsurfing NZ to hold in trust while the possibility of a new wind/water sports organisation in Wellington is explored. If a suitable organisation is created the assets will be returned, otherwise the assets will be transferred unconditionally to Windsurfing NZ for general use.

If you have any thoughts or questions please contact us. We will report progress here and on Facebook.

The future of WWA

Wellington Windsurfing Assn. has been deregistered as an incorporated society and is currently without a working committee. there are a couple of us who are defacto committee and we must decide where to go to now. The options appear to be:

  • Do nothing (not really an option)
  • Formally disband WWA
  • Restart WWA – form a committee, re-incorporate, move on.
  • Reinvent WWA as Wellington Windsports Assn. covering windsurfing, kitesurfing and winging in all their forms.

The possible reasons for keeping going in some form include social, environmental and advocacy – having a group to speak on behalf of our sport(s) could carry more weight in some situations (I’m thinking about possible Shelley Bay development).

If you have an opinion let us know through the contact form – also indicate if you are a former WWA member and what sport(s) you participate in. Ngā mihi.